Jan. 30th, 2011

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The Lion Dance Club doesn't have many performances this year, but the group from the church many of them attend will be performing almost nonstop. Yesterday afternoon they had a rehearsal at 2:30 on the far eastern side of town, at 4:00 a party request on the south side where they stayed and played soccer or shot hoops until 5:30 after performing twice, at 7:20 they were the opening act at the same place they rehearsed earlier, then had to rush off to the northeast to wait for their time to perform by 8:00, after which they went to a community activities center to perform for a Lunar New Year party.

The only performance officially for the LDC I sponsor was the one at 7:20 with the rehearsal. Seems I was enlisted as transportation. Had no reason to refuse and it turned out to be kind of fun. Even took over for the drummer for about half a minute to give his arms a rest. At the last performance, someone came up to me and said he'd been my student TEN YEARS AGO!!!!! And remembered me. Well, fortunately. It's always encouraging to meet students who have done well, but it sure makes me feel old, even though they say I haven't changed a bit. I think they're being nice, wearing the proverbial rose colored glasses about hight school. Of course, that's not all bad. Makes me look good in retrospect.


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